The Time Quest Forever

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About Hype Forever (Non-F.A.Q.)

Why was Hype Forever created?

I created Hype Forever in 2009, after discovering there were no other places where people could discuss and remember Hype. I was shocked by the actual lack of a fanbase for the game, and by how awful the reviews for Hype were. Since it is my favorite game, I decided I had to do something for it.

Why do you use Webs as a server?

Back when  I became motivated to create the site, I had to search for a free alternative to make it. The main option was blogspot, but it simply didn't have all the resources I wanted. Plus, if you go to http://hypeforever.blogspot.com/ , you'll find some...quite disturbing content.

 I am aware of the many flaws of the .webs pages. I have been trying to organize the Bugs and Problems section for years now, but every time I try, Webs decides to delete - permanently - one random paragraph. Still, it is the best option for the moment.  


                                 Hype Forever History

 *After launching the site in 2009, I roamed around many Youtube videos, searching for people who liked Hype as much as I did, and convincing them to visit this website. This brought in our 5 first members, who all joined in 2010. 

*In 2011, there wasn't a single new member joining Hype Forever.

*In 2012 our only new member was our faithful Diego (Restrek) .

*In January 2013, Hype Forever had only a dozen members, and almost none of them were very active. I was about to delete the site when thexdeity joined it, and brought activity in with his  Let's Play Videos, posts and friendly support. That was the main factor that encouraged me to add the downloads, the soundtrack , the fixes and all, which brought many more members to the site. Thank you, Xander, for all that you've done : )

*Encouraged by the wave of new members after this, we've decided to try and create a new tribute for the game: The Hype Project. It consists of a remake and a sequel of the original Hype The Time Quest game, created for new generations and people willing to replay the game, in a improved way. The project is currently being worked on, with members from the Hype community, such as Me, Enost , Paiki Pe, Eddex, Bearmadrid , Melted Plastyk and others.When we have something ready, it will be avaliable here on Hype Forever, as a free download for everyone. Special thanksfor Marin (Enost), who is helping me to coordinate the project, as the co-project leader.