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Sumper Jump [horizontal] Tutorial


Okay the Super Jump uses something like a glitch or bug

The trick with WIN-Key perhaps works with the same glitch or bug


To perform this jump you just need Fraps (or Dxtory but i don't know if this works)


Red - must have settings

Black - jep just do this :D

Green - recommend setting

To perform the Super Jump open Fraps with this settings and run Hype.

Just play the normal game and if you want to jump a long distance do this:


-Press and hold CRLT to jump normal

-when Hype is levitating press <-Button too [now you can release both keys]

-The game will run on 1 FPS

-Just wait until Hype is at the highest point and press CLRT + < again

-IMPORTANT: You have to press arrow up at all time until the game runs at 1FPS and after this (at normal FPS)


Just play around with the time of pressing < after jumping and you will see awesome results


Yax discovered this phenomenon:

"Today, I first ran seven times dolphin (the gamecube/wii emulator) which is quite heavy and then I ran Hype. The game was around 1fps.

In this 1fps world, the physical laws were slightly different from the normal world" - Yax


Guys it's really awesome! He's right! the physical laws are different.


PS: To jump higher you have to jump on curved walls

More here: http://hypeforever.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/12843144-the-1fps-hype-s-journey


So thanks to Yax! Without his discovery, I would not have developed this method.


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Well, nice that we have discovered the same way to make super jump (I made it in Dxtory, and you in Fraps). Not only 1 FPS can be set, but you can write for example 0.5, 0.25, 0.01 etc., to make longer jump. In fact first super jump was performed by pressing WIN-key while jumping, but Yax understood that it works with lag :).
This Cheat allows to make photos like this here: http://hypeforever.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=15558490
In fact idea about flying belongs to Hype (user), who wrote post: http://hypeforever.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/12691500-is-there-a-cheat-that-lets-you-fly-
Now it is at last possible to fly ;).


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In fact the first person who should be appreciated is MothBallFamicom - he told me about possility to make amateur "superjump" with use of key WIN. Unfortunately it crashes game on today pc, but it allowed me to perform my first photos with this effect.
So short history of this glitch:

- Darnok_PL - first photos on hypeforever performed with amateur tries of superjump

- Yax - explanation, how does the lag influence on gravity while flying with low frequence of game.

- HeroHype - perfect idea, how to controll frequence of the game.


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you can also glitch the game via this jump, most of you probably know, but i think -now that we know about these glitches, thanks to the super jump, if it might be somehow possible to get these glitches without using external help

MothBallFamicom recent videos by this guy, just type into youtube (did not link it, i dont know if it is allowed to link youtube in here^^) show in how far you can immensly glitch the game, going to era IV way too fast for example

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Anyone know if you can do the super jump on PS2?

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jambo816 at June 1, 2015 at 1:24 PM

Anyone know if you can do the super jump on PS2?

I don't think you'll be able to do it - unless you're using an emulator.


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