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Hello, you might, though likely not remember me from this topic:

I am making the hype the time quest mod for minecraft and I have a small technical question to be able to create this mod.

When hype looks at the sundial from the side where you teleport to the Taskan I Era, what cardinal direction is he facing? Is it the same for all the sundials, or they differ in direction?

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its hard to say what cardinal direction he is facing ...

At Gougods manoir he's facing to the door of Gougods House.

At Torras he's facing to the left side if you come through the gate


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Salem Vendari
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It you put Torras at the north (this puts North at a 45 degree angle on the map), Hype is facing west while standing on the symol for the Era of Taskan I  (meaning it is on the east side of the dial). At Gogoud's Manor, Hype faces south, putting the symbol on the north side. On both sundials the symbols clockwise, so in Torras the symbols go E, S, W, N, and in Gogoud's Manor they go S, W, N, E. Hope this helps.

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