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hey guys :D i recently watched quite some of the twitch livestream of this "awesome games done quickly" and very soon came to the conclusion,might it maybe be possible (eventhough our beloved games fanbase is not too high) to work on hype speedruns and get this game to this event at some point in the future :)

any thoughts on this idea, maybe one of you had this idea as well, are there even speedrunners from the us, cause i think you kind of have to be in the us to attend this event ;-)

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Hello Hermelin, welcome to Hype The Time Quest Forever!
Our member mothballfamicom usually does hype speedruns live every now and then at twitch.tv, you should keep up with him!



Ha, it's human nature - Zatila

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There are like 3-4 known speedrunners out there, but the most active one is Mothballfamicom as stated above. Well the problem with running hype is, it isn't really marathon save, because sometimes glitches happen, which will kill you instantly or broke the game, so you can't get any further.(happend to me a few times now ... that's one reason I only have one finished run by now) So I don't know if with such things it is possible to get a run @AGDQ, but we will see.


Impressive!!! No, no, no really! I'm veeery impressed!!! Ha, ha, ha...!

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