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Hello there.

I found this site while looking for Hype, a game on which I spent so many time when I was a child.

I see in the download section than you'r seeking for other language version and I have good news.

I don't have a 32 bit system so I cannot instal Hype with my cd so I play the english version ( But the voice in french are a big part of my nostalgia for this game)

But in France Hype is an abandonware and can easily be downloaded on website suche as : http://www.abandonware-utopia.com/abandonware-telecharger-939-hype_the_time_quest.htm

I hope someone has the time to use this iso on a 32 bit system to provide the french version of Hype The time quest.



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I agree, that would be awesome !

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pour jouer en français, il suffit dans un premier temps d'installer la version d'abandonware, puis dans un second temps faire l'installation adaptée pour un système 64bits avec la version anglaise que ce site fourni. Pour finir il suffit de copier le dossier gamedata de la version française dans l'autre. 

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