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Hey everyone,

my name is Marvin Klein and I create piano related content on my YouTube channel. Hype was an important part of my childhood and the music of the game is just stunning. Me and a good friend of mine started to add the Hype music to a mobile app called "Magic Piano" by Smule. This app allows everyone to play the gorgeus music on piano without any previous music experience.

We already added the "Hype The Time Quest - Main Theme" based on a note sheet we've found in the WWW. 

Take a look on our work here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU0WqmnAgNk

You can get the song in the app for free but using your start points or by watching ads. Now we'll need your help to add more amazing hype songs to the app. Unfortunately we cannot create the songs by ear, so we'll need note sheets to implement them into the app. Is anyone in this community able to create note sheets for other Hype songs? 


Marvin Klein

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I see your video after you go to this forum and this is WONDERFUL, but to participate of the remake you need to speak with Neomoonlighter I want to participate with NeoMoonLighter but this is hard to can


Hype: help me young magician

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