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Name says it....what is your favourite puzzle, your favourite boss, era, you name it!


My favourite boss has to be Barnak himself, he has a variety of attacks, and isnt as predictable as the other bosses.


My favourite puzzle is the colour-puzzle before Drareg....I have trouble with it every time!


My favourite era is II, I love the night scenery, and Torras looks so much warmer. Oh yea, and no bats in the forest ^_^

My favourite spell is Focus Magicum: Ring, it wipes out multiple enemies at once and it works GREAT against the paper enemies that spawn from the flags!

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Spell:Eletricity Ring :It's very useful against the 3-headed dragon


Boss: Dark Hype...has more attacks than Barnak, altough he comes 2nd in my list.


My favorite era would be II or III...II has the labs and the field of courage, but III is more beautiful, and there are Taskan III  and Prince Taskan IV...I think III wins.


Favorite Puzzle:Sound Puzzle from Labs II.


Favorite Ally:Zatilla.

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Lol, i think i liked III the least....I hated the almanac quests....The dark tower was OK, but the monastery and laboratory were so boring..

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Hm, let's see, I think I actually like the last era the most. It's the most challenging, and there's so much emotion, when you talk to the people in Torras they're all scared and sad. I also really like that there are rifts and holes everywhere, the ambushes in Torras were cool too.


Favorite boss: I'd have to say Barnak, then Dark Hype and then Enost.


Favorite puzzle: The sound puzzle in the laboratory, the second era, don't know why but I like it a lot. After that the planet puzzle also in the laboratory, second era.


Favorite spell: I've always liked those three balls of fire, the ring of ice and the spear of electricity.


Favorite quote: "First we both had magic, now I still have magic but I also have: SCIENCE!!!!" (by cyber-Enost)


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Well, the worst for me was Black Tower...or maybe the labs...well, hated both...The monastery was...funny.





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Favorite Quote:

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I love the first three eras, they all looked beautiful and you jsut wanted 

to peacefully stroll endlessly in them.  not to say that I didn't like the IV

era, I just loved the tranquility of it all

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Favourite boss:
Favourite era:
Favourite soundtrack:
Favourite NPC:
Taskan I knight.
Favourite spell:
Electricus magicum javelin (The one that fires a great amount of electricity in front of you)


Be humble, and life will smile at you. -Gogoud

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Just copying the list from from you Restrek:




Favourite boss: Dark Hype


Favourite era: Era III


Favourite soundtrack: Main Theme, also the version in brigands village, heavenly :roll:


Favourite NPC: Vibe, Gogoud


Favourite spell: Fire Javelin



Favourite place: Gogoud's Manor and Brigands village




A bit late to the party, but I felt like filling this in :D

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Haha, It's never late when it comes to Hype - You can always go back in time a bit ; )


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Favourite boss: Enost! (SCIENCE) and The Three Headed Dragon

Favourite era: Era II

Favourite soundtrack: Torras Era II

Favourite NPC: Enost, Gogoud, Rave, The Monk who says CLOSE THE GATES!

Favourite spell: Electric Dragon

Favourite place: The Monestary and Gogoud's Manor

Favorite Puzzle: The Monestary bell tower (does that count?)

Favorite quote: First we both had magic, now I still have magic but I also have: SCIENCE!!!!

Favourite common enemy: Templars

Xander's here, now its a party hahaha




"Before, we both had magic. Now I've still got magic, but I've also got science!!"

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Favourite boss: Evil Hype (for fighting) or Enost (for the best character of any boss)

Favourite era: Taskan IV

Favourite music: Boss fight music

Favourite character: Wellet for being hard-working and greatful or Gogoud for giving you his house key after knowing you for five minutes

Favourite spell: Ice ring

Favourite location: The fortress under Barnak

Favourite puzzle: The buttons hidden around Torras in Taskan III for the fire magic

Favourite quote:

"One more mistake and I'll execute you myself! With a spoon, so that it takes longer!!!"

-Taskan I


"One more mistake and I'll execute you myself! With a spoon, so that it takes longer!!!" 

-Taskan I

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"With a spooooooon, so that it takes longer"
BEST EVER. I use it everyday ;P


Ha, it's human nature - Zatila

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Filling in the ones I haven't posted yet:

Favourite soundtrack: Gogoud's Manoir IV, so sad :(
Favourite quote: I can't really choose, the ones you all said were brilliant, but I also like this one: 'One day I'm going to be a real almechist...ahh...anachist..err....magician.' - Young Rajoth.
Favourite location: I like the Lost City a lot, it's so beautiful!

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Favourite boss: Dark Hype

Favourite era: Taskan III

Favourite music: The Guardian of Time

Favourite character: Gogoud

Favourite spell: Electricus Magicum Dragon

Favourite location: Gogoud's Manoir

Favourite puzzle: On the stonehenge couse ...fuck... thats the hardes in this game!

Favourite quote: I just know on german


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Favourite boss: Mhasse, that overweight monk; or Senekal, for his epicly far jumps.


Favourite era: Taskan II


Favourite music: City music; Ending Music


Favourite character: Nohlin, for being honest; Vibe; and Gogoud of course.


Favourite ally: Zatilla.


Favourite spell: -


Favourite location: The Brigand Village. It's the most beautiful place in the game, isn't it?


Favourite puzzle: The buttons in jails, which allowed you to get into the Enost's lab.


Favourite quote: "you must see Vibe again and renew the contact with your real life... and I shouldn't be part of that. Good luck, Hype... ~Nohlin"



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For my favorite boss I'm hesitate with Barnack or Senekal.

EraII I just love the night.

Music: Monastery and Black tower.

Fav character: Barnack

Favorit spell: Ice Javelo

Most hated location: laboratory III (Those tam pipe!)

Fav puzzel: The button in Laboratory II

Fav quote: Bats toi! - Barnack (yes I play the french version :))


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Favourite boss: Barnak - very hard for beginners, very easy if you know things :)

Favourite era: Era II - especially the Sky

Favourite soundtrack: Battle SoundtrackFavourite character: Gogoud - I love looking at his growing beard :)

Favourite spell: Glacia Ring - great visual effects, if you get it at right moment, however it was for about 5 times spell that I was totally unable to find in the game

Favourite location: pipes in Laboratory III - it make this game so unique

Hated location: Monastery III - a lot of ways to drop time while speedrunning (especially bell tower)

Favorite puzzle: Lost City IV

Favorite quote: "Żałosny bożku!" - Hype (PL: "You pathetic god!") - it sound lovely in polish :)

Favourite common enemy: skelts - you can kill them 100 times and you can moreover make them fall down into precipice :P


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Favourite boss: Granslak (easy to fight but I really enjoy him laughing and screaming when he shrinks...)

Favourite era: Era III (it has the Brigands Village, Laboratory, Field of Courage, ...)

Favourite spell: Magia Glacia - Javelin (great sound effect and nice ring graphics)

Favourite location: Laboratory (science!  :D)

Hated location: Lost City (nice traps but I just don't like it)

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I have a crush on Era III, specially because you get kinda stuck in it


Ha, it's human nature - Zatila

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Favorite Era: While I love the apocalyptic era IV, I would have to go with III. In III most NPC's character arcs come to a close and the story is at its deepest here. I also love how they tricked you into thinking you could access Era IV but then prevented you from doing so until you had the almanacs. (The actual almanac quest sucked, but the concept was great).
Favorite boss: The Antithesis of Virtue ("Evil" Hype). While he was annoying to fight sometimes, I love the meaning behind the fight. Hype had to prove his purity by defeating this evil carbon copy. On top of that, this guy's probably the most mysterious boss of them all, since he's not even really a person. Fantastic writing.
Favorite Spell: Focus Magicum: Ring, or as I like to call it: Red Ring of Death. My god that range. A close second for me would be Focus Magicum: Dragon, because I see it as Zatila's essence. The Javelins are also  nice, but I find Trinity to be my least favorite. Replaced them as soon as possible.
Favorite NPC: Zatila and his infinite wisdom. When it comes to the humans, I really like Nohlin and her tragic story. And I love any brigand with a Scottish accent. ;)
Favorite Location: Torras IV. The absence of music and constant threat of Guards really sets my teeth on edge, but I love it. I do find it annoying that aside from the free-roam locations (gogoud's manor, forest, torras, sky etc.) there isn't a single location in the game that is reachable in all eras.
Favorite OST: The Sky, The Monestary, The Brigand's Village, Gogoud's Manor.... I can't choose...
Favorite Quote: Basically anything Zatila says. Here are some personal highlights.
"Only the perfect Knight can possess your armor, the Royal Jewel, the Jewel of Mankind, and the Jewel of Virtue. And only he can free the Kingdom."
"The Gods do not have the right to interfere with the affairs of men. Therefore they have created this place outside time and your world."
"You'll see Hype, that even a Man on a noble quest does some deplorable things... others become jealous... nobility makes others suspicious! Ha! It's human nature..."

And of course, my signature quote below.


It's just a lesson in humility, that you throw in the face of vanity...

~ Zatila

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