The Time Quest Forever

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General Notes

The tips in this page were created for the owners of "Hype - The Time Quest" working copies that are having compatibility issues and other bugs related to the game. You'll still need a cd after following the steps. If you own an original copy but it's scratched or doesn't work anymore, you may download an .iso image of the Hype CD in our "Downloads" Section.

The following fixes and instructions were elaborated to work with Hype The Time Quest (English version). We are currently working on fixes for the other versions as well, so keep checking back. Polish version added to the end of the page.

Running Hype Under Windows 7 - 32 bit

If you try running the regular Hype executable file, you may experience problems like black artifacts covering the screen, or the game not working at all. However, this can be solved by playing the game using the other executable in Hype's folder, the one that works with Glide drivers instead of Direct X ones. To do this, you'll need to emulate a glide graphic board:

1.Download and install nGlide 0.96  

(wrapper\emulator of the graphic card and the version that added support to Hype)


2.Then find the file glide3x.dll inside your "C:\Windows\System32" folder and copy it to Hype's installation directory

(Default is C:\Ubi Soft\Hype - The time quest)

3.Then, right-click the "MaiDFXvr_bleu.exe" file and select "proprierties"


4.Set the compatibility to "Windows 95 or 98\me"


5.Check all the boxes in the compatibility tab, specially "Run as Administrator"


Following these steps, Hype The Time Quest should now work perfectly. If something fails, try changing the default settings on the nGlide configurator...and you can always ask for help on "The Inn"(forum on this site).


This is it. Thank you a lot, Zeus for creating this amazing software.

Running Hype Under Newer Systems - Things to Try

If you still can't start the game after using nGlide, you may want to try some other things out. 



This patch can help you play Hype - The Time Quest on newer OS.


Extract all the contents to your Hype - The Time Quest installation folder

(Default is  C:\Ubisoft\Hype - The Time Quest )

Run the file PatchInstall.bat from there (Just double-click it).
You should be able to play Hype with no problems.


Modifying the ubi.ini

If you can't get past the first movies in the game (or can't even get to the movies) before the main menu, you may use this.

Open your ubi.ini file, that is located in


 Find the line below [Hype - The Time Quest] that reads

playvideo = 1

 and change it to

playvideo = 0

Savegame Error

 **UPDATE 26/03/2016**

Our member Spardo has pointed out a correct fix for this problem. When you download install folders from hypeforever, you might have installed your fileds somewhere else than C:\Ubisoft\Hype - The Time Quest. If that's the case, you must goto C:\Windows\UbiSoft and change the line "Directory" (under [Hype - The Time Quest] to your current directory. Thanks Spardo, for this fix!

Installing Hype on 64-Bit Systems

If you own a 64 bit system, Hype installer will probably not install the game or run correctly. It happens because the installer was developed in a 16-bit environment, that was supported in 32 bit systems, but not in 64 ones. To be able to run Hype, you must copy a installation folder from a 32 bit computer.

"But how do I do this?"


Install Hype in a Windows XP (or below) OS then copy the folder

C:\Ubisoft\Hype - The Time Quest\

to a cd\dvd\pendrive and paste it in the same location in your computer


Download the install folders in our "Downloads" section and paste them to the same location above.


After you get the folder in the correct place, download and install nGlide (as explained above - the same process for Windows 7-32 bit).

Note: In 64-bit systems, you'll find the glide3x.dll file in the following folder


Video Tutorial - Installing Hype (Windows 7)

Our member, wimbertolf, was kind enough to make a video tutorial to aid everyone having troubles while installing Hype. Thank you, wimbertolf! : )




Hype The Time Quest - German Version

Our member HeroHype has created and uploaded an easy installer for the Germany Version. You can download it here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/w2cinm2fx1g3q3v/HypeTheTimeQuest.zip

 Our member Marin (Enost) uploaded some save folders, that you can save over if you get the savegame error in the German version



Hype The Time Quest - Polish Version

Our memeber Spardo has created and uploaded a complete version of Hype - The Time Quest installation folders for those who want to play it. It's a complete install with nGlide, patches, savegame fix and all - although you'll still need the cd to play it. Please visit this thread for more information. Also, be kind and thank Spardo for the awesome work!




Our member Darnok_PL has created a savegame pack for those having troubles when it comes to saving the game in the Polish version of Hype. You can download those savegame files and write over them to fix your problem. You'll find the files in the "Downloads" section

Hype Under Mac / Linux

Member Grizzly Bear has kindly posted a tutorial on how to play under Mac / Linux using Wineskin. You can check all the inf o on his original post

 Don't forget to thank Mr. Grizzly Bear for his work!