The Time Quest Forever

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Cheats, Hints and Trivia

This page contains some cheats and hints for Hype - The Time Quest. All were found on the internet and tested, although some didn't seem to work in the english version. I will leave them here for others to test, they may work in different versions of the game.


Cheat codes

Type these codes in-game.


leben - restores life

protek - restores armor

littlegogoud - restores magic while standing

hermetik - infinite magic

houdini - infinite arrows

pouletfrit - boots

tourtundini - destroiys armor

grolot - add one item of each type of potion and herbs

frik - extra money

tunnel - change view

youngelf - gives hype 10 arrows

oldelf - gives hype 10 modern crossbow bolts



False/Non-working cheats 

wonderful - run very fast

epok1 - Era 1 Complete

epok2 - Era 2 complete

epok3 - Era 3 complete

epok4 - Era 4 complete

end02 - Kill Barnak with one hit



Gogoud's Manor I Cheat Code

This is a relatively recent discovery of our member Darnok_PL.

 Apparently not listed anywhere over the internet, it seems programmers left something behind meant to be used for testing purposes...or not, it's unknown. Thing is, pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DEL anytime during the game will have some interesting effects:

  • You will be able to travel through all eras
  • Your sword will change to the updated charged sword
  • If you visit Zatilla at Forest IV, and climb on his back, you'll spawn at the sky, exactly at the black tower entrance spot

If you do this cheat at the very beginning of the game, during the first dialogue (you can do it as soon as you get up from the ground after being brought back to life by Gogoud), a special transform will occur, changing your armor and sword! You'll also be able to strike the sundial, even though the time portals won't be visible; standing in the symbol of the desired era and striking it twice will take you to that era.The gate to Gogoud's Manor will also be open, even though you won't have the key yet.

Master Code - Debug Mode

This cheat code can be done at any point in the game. For this to work, you gotta be next to the future secret room cave exit in Gogoud's Manor I. Typing "debug" will make a lever appear for two seconds, on the wall to the right of the exit of the cave. If you're fast enough to activate it, you'll be in debug mode. Some effects are still unconfirmed, but among other things it allows you to leap through important events of the game. It may also prevent the game to work correctly, if you go to certain point then go back, so it's not advisable to  save thje game while on Debug Mode. Also, keep in mind some events are "out of order" within the following list.

Type in "teleXX" to leap through the moments


TELE01 : Torras I

TELE02 : Fortress I - Prior Arresting

TELE03 : Dungeons I - meeting talboth

TELE04 :Monastery I

TELE05 : Gogoud's Manor (Before leaving to Taskan II)

TELE06 : Forest I (About to charge The Royal Jewel)

TELE07 : Sky I (Charging Royal Jewel)

TELE08 : Torras II (Prior Laboratories)

TELE09 : Monastery II (Flag)

TELE10 : Laboratories II

TELE11 : Astrolabe

TELE12 : Field Of Courage II

TELE13 : Gogoud's Manor II

TELE14 : Forest II

TELE15 : Brigand's Village II

TELE16 : Sky II

TELE17 : Torras III

TELE18 : Fortress III

TELE19 : Monastery III

TELE20 : Laboratories III (Almanac)

TELE21 : Gogoud's Manor III

TELE22 : Black Tower III

TELE23 : Field of Courage III

TELE24 : Brigand's Village III

TELE25 : Sky III

TELE26 : Lost City III

TELE27 :Torras IV

TELE28 : Fortres IV

TELE29 : Dungeons IV

TELE30 : Gogoud's Manor IV

TELE31 : Black Tower IV

TELE32 : Top of Black Tower

TELE33 : Forest IV

TELE34 : Brigand's Village IV

TELE35 : Sky IV

TELE36 : Lost City IV



Here you'll find info on lesser-known facts of the game, and also easter-eggs and as such.


*During the Era of Taskan IV, right before meeting Gogoud's Ghost in the Fortress, you can see an image of Rayman on the bed, and there's also a picture of Hype next to the Pisa Tower, in Italy.

*Sometime before heading to the Black Tower ( The Search for The Flags), Taskan III can be found on the Fortress III again.He'll say he's sad and getting tired. Also, he will tell you that the flag has been stolen...

*You can send the little girl, who stands over some barrels next to the Laboratories 2, into space, by shooting an arrow at the barrels. If you do so, and visit the same area in the era of Taskan IV, you'll see her falling from space, as a grown woman.

*While the girl above took 2 Eras (100 years?) to grow into an adult, Rajoth grew from a little child into an old man in just one era.

*You can acquire a Mauve potion before you even find a Red one - If you strike Granslak's cap\hat after defeating him in the Fortress, one potion spawns in the center of the room.

*Taskan II is the only era where you don't visit the Fortress - nor by the roofs, nor by the sewer. Taskan II is also the only king you never meet.

*Gogoud and Zatila are the only characters present in all eras, besides Hype, of course.

*Terryo can be found in Bringand Village 2, next to the entrance of the room where you find the electric magic in Taskan III. He's the leader of bringands.You can only meet him if you go to the village right after finishing the Field of Courage level. He'll be surprised you didn't steal anything from the treasure room  and will use you as a role model for future genearations of brigands.


Here's a video of this "easter egg"




*The name "Taskan" comes from "Alain Tascan",  the director of the game.

*Have you ever noticed these characters' names? "Hype, Rave, Vibe"? And how they are all related? (Rave is the champion right before Hype, who marries Vibe)