The Time Quest Forever

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Downloads related to Hype The Time Quest, from music and savegames to fixes and patches.


Go to our Music - Soundtrack section to download
Hype The Time Quest OST (By Robbi Finkel)

You can also listen to some soundtrack samples there : )



Hype The Time Quest Demo

Download Hype The Time Quest Demo


It was through this demo that I was introduced to Hype. It's really short, but it was a nostalgic play - at least for me ; )

Save Game Files

Here are my save game files so you can download and play : )
(Just click the on name of the file you want - if it doesn't work, right-click it and choose "save as..." option.  

These contain folders named SaveGameX (X ranging from 0 to 9).
Each folder corresponds to one SaveGame slot on your SaveGame page.  

Copy the folders to
C:\Ubisoft\Hype - The Time Quest\Gamedata\SaveGame

You can also change the number on the end of the folder's name if you want to use another slot for the save.

Hype The Time Quest Installation Folders

I've pointed out in the "Bugs and Problems" section that, in order to install Hype in a 64-bit system you may have to copy the installation folders from another system. If you are unable to do this, you can also download this folders. Keep in mind that this is only legal if you own a copy of Hype The Time Quest (PC - English). 




You must download the 3 files, join then with "HJSPLIT" and extract the folder with a zip\rar extractor.


After this, copy both folders to C:\

Hype The Time Quest - German


Hype German Installer

Our member HeroHype has created and uploaded an easy installer for the Germany Version, if you have troubles installing it under 64 bit systems or newer Windows versions. You can download it here:


 Save Folders

Our member Marin (Enost) uploaded some save folders, that you can save over if you get the savegame error in the German version.



Hype The Time Quest - Polish


Polish Version Savegames

 Our member Darnok_PL has uploaded a "Starter Pack" savegame for people who have trouble with saving the game under newer systems. You can download it here



Hype Complete Polish Version

Our memeber Spardo has created and uploaded a complete version of Hype - The Time Quest installation folders for those who want to play it. It's a complete install with nGlide, patches, savegame fix and all - although you'll still need the cd to play it. Please click here and visit this thread for more information. Also, be kind and thank Spardo for the awesome work!