The Time Quest Forever

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Hype's legacy is kept alive by the videos, fan art and other content the fans create. This is what keeps the Hype Community going on. Here are some fanpages dedicated or related to Hype The Time Quest


 hype.tips/  A truly remarkable tribute and info resource for Hype: The Time Quest. Created by our member Hype-The-Knight (thank him for it in the forums!)

http://thexdeity.webs.com/ - Member "Thexdeity" Page. He has provided many videos on PS2 Hype The Time Quest playthrough and is a great Hype fan. Give him some support!


 http://hypethefilm.blogspot.com.br - An amazing project by member Bearmadrid, which intends to film a movie based on Hype. He has been actively registering the filming activity in this blog, check it out!


http://www.fisicx.com/hype/index.html - This site has many things on Hype:Waltroughs , Cheats, Hints, Beehive Game locations and more!


http://www.ubi.com - The game developers' company website.