The Time Quest Forever

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I've ripped Hype's soundtrack and made it avaliable for download.


Original Game Soundtrack created by Robbi Finkel
Ripped by Moonlighter.


Here are some samples from the amazing soundtrack "Hype The Time Quest" brings

http://hypeforever.webs.com/Songs/01 Hype Main Theme.mp3 01 - Hype Main Theme
http://hypeforever.webs.com/Songs/Torass II.mp3 02 - Torras II (Nighttime)
http://hypeforever.webs.com/Songs/The Fortress Theme.mp303 - The Fortress
http://hypeforever.webs.com/Songs/Bringand Village IV.mp304 - Bringand Village IV

http://hypeforever.webs.com/Songs/Enost's Almanac Stolen.mp3 05 - Enost's Almanac Stolen *New - 10/02/2013*

Uploading More Samples Soon : )